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Despite the world having come to an end, the world is still filled with endless business opportunities. Listed below is a comprehensive list of all the available businesses one can run. Each business will require an owner at least two employees.

  • Any player that rents a home above a storefront they ACTIVELY run will receive a discount.
  • Some businesses may be affiliated with certain factions. Players that belong to a faction that a business is controlled by will have first rights to own/run that business over other applicants.


The Ward


  • Owner:

A CUPPA Joe is a wonderful place to relax, get a cuppa coffee and a smoke, and chat with your local settlers. Offering a wide variety of flavors of siltbean coffee, snacks, and smokes, we got everything you need after a hard days work. So come on by and have yourself a cuppa joe today!


Chem-I-Care [Followers of the Apocalypse]

  • Owner: Task Oxbar

Feeling a little under the weather? Have you noticed a faint green glow? Need a bit of a pick-me-up? Chem-I-Care has got you covered. Everything from chems to take off the edge to surgical procedures to reset that broken leg or sew up that nasty gash. We promise if you don’t go home healthy, at least you will go home happy!


Cornucopia Fresh Groceries [Followers of the Apocalypse]

  • Owner: Task Oxbar

Got a hankering for some mutfruit? Maybe ya need a slice of Cram to go with your Blamo Mac’n’Cheese. Or maybe you need a plate and a bowl to hold them! If so, Cornucopia Fresh Groceries has all that you need. Supplied with goods from scavengers and traders we also offer fresh produce locally grown with only the smallest amount of radiation to enhance the flavor!


Circle G

  • Owner: Bleedingsnow Resident

If it bashes, cuts, chops, lops, bruises, punctures, breaks, or otherwise maims, then Circle G’s got it. Weapons ranging from the makeshift to the professional covering everything from melee to firearms. Don’t see what you need? Then ask for a custom job and be the talk of the settlement. It’s dangerous out there, so don’t go alone, get you a weapon from Circle G today!


The Ward Courier Service

  • Owner: Jaxx Ilsker

Come rain or snow, or world spanning nuclear disaster, we’ll be there! Got a letter need sent, a request need filled? Need fliers, posters, or notices made and posted up? The Ward Courier Service has got you covered. Speedy service done right, our couriers are educated in the written word and are able to get anywhere quickly and unseen so your delivery is always on time!


I Fix Your Shit

  • Owner: Aradia Mistwood

If it ain’t broken, we’ll fix it anyway. We’ll repair anything from weapons and armor to scavenged tech, tools, and machines. Bring us the spare parts and we’ll fix your shit!


Tailored Up

  • Owner:

Just because the world ended doesn’t mean you should wander the wastes in rags! Tailored Up has the finest selection of wasteland fashions this side of Ol’ Miss. We got hardy road leathers, colorful cotton dresses, and mostly patched water wear for all your needs. Going out into the wastes and need some protection? We also offer armor that will perfectly accessorize your frayed and faded long johns!


Doo Wop Diner

  • Owner: Violetta Daviau
  • :

After a hard days work slaying feral ghouls you just need a big ol’ Brahmin Burger and an ice cold Nuka Cola. Come on down to the Doo Wop Diner and enjoy our specially designed menu using only the freshest of locally grown, lightly irradiated ingredients. No shoes, no shirt? No problem!



Buffalo Bar [The Consilium]

  • Owner:

Good ol’ jukebox tunes, lukewarm hooch, and pool. The Buffalo Bar is the place to be when you need to wind down with the boys [Or girls] at the end of the day.


Red Rocket Trade Stop [The Ferrymen]

  • Owner:

If we ain’t got it, you don’t need it. The Red Rocket Trade Stop has everything you can think of and then some. Ever wanted a Vault-Tec Lunchbox? How about a fried up power converter some farmboy forgot to pick up? We got everything under the sun, sourced from all along Ol’ Miss. Stop on by, you’ll never know you needed it until you see it.


Jacksonville Baptist Church

  • Owner: Tamos Shan

Dusty ol’ tomes, creaky ol’ pews, perfectly kept and pristine stained glass windows, frayed yet serviceable scarlet drapes. We have the perfect backdrop for your ‘traditional’ cajun wedding. We also offer confessionals, midwifing, future readings, vodou rituals, trinkets, tinctures, poultices, and potions. And don’t worry about us proselytizing you, the righteous and devout were taken when the bombs fell.



The businesses listed below are ran and controlled by the factions located on the sim. Each business offers a unique set of services and goods for players to enjoy and are a way for players to ‘get in’ with the various factions on offer.


Brotherhood of Steel Recruitment Outpost

  • Faction: Brotherhood of Steel
  • Faction Lead:

Got a love for technology? Have a sense of duty and honor? Ever wanted to stomp around the wastes in a snazzy suit of power armor? Then come by the Brotherhood of Steel Recruitment Outpost and sign up today! Our success rate has been astronomical, with one out of every ten applicants surviving their training!

Don’t want to join, but need something with a bit of kick? We also offer refurbished and heavily controlled firearms, tech, and armor to help you in the wastes.


Goldstein’s Loans on Main

  • Faction: The Consilium
  • Faction Lead: Cayce Urriah

Pockets feeling a little light? Need some clink for that sweet new plasma rifle you’ve had your eyes on? Or maybe ya got yourself in a bind and need some bailout cash after a bad night at the slots? Bad credit, good credit, no credit? Then come on over to Goldstein’s Loans on Main and we’ll get you set up with a hefty loan with a very affordable interest rate. We promise you won’t go broke, and if you do, we’ll make sure to collect!


Atom Cats Garage

  • Faction: The Atom Cats
  • Faction Lead: Phorcys Tierbal

Yo daddy-o! Sweet hot rod! Need a kickin’ new paint job? You a cool cat lookin’ to catch the eye of some lovely dolly? Then we’ll fix your threads and ride in no time! You will be absolutely radioactive, dig? Come by the Atom Cats Garage, our gearheads are cookin’ the wrenches to make your rod hip! No squares need apply, dig?


The Ward Trade Post and Lodge

  • Faction: The Wardens
  • Faction Lead:

Want to protect the homestead? Have an itchy trigger finger and an eye for popping raiders? Then head on over to the Ward Trade Post and Lodge and sign on up! All recruits receive a well worn uniform, training with the Brotherhood of Steel, and two hots and a cot each day.

Not the fighting type? Well we also host a trade post for any and all unaffiliated traders looking to make a few extra caps. Entry into the Ward ain’t free, and these traders are more than willing to buy the clothes off your back!


Children of Atom Recharge Station

  • Faction: The Children of Atom
  • Faction Lead: Cheeso Szydlowska


[The Children of Atom offer recharge services for all energy weapons for only the smallest price of listening to a sermon of Atom’s great glowing glory.]