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  1. Rentals are on a first come, first serve basis. Despite this, rentals may be reserved if you contact a staff member. RentalsĀ  within Faction Home Turf are reserved first for members of that faction.

  2. Rentals are NOT considered de facto Safe Spaces for players to avoid consequences. Players can break into and otherwise invade another player’s rental without consent, but a member of Staff must be contacted before a player can take such an action so that it may be observed.

  3. Once you have selected and paid for a rental, contact an Admin to be invited to the Land Group so that you may gain rez rights to decorate.

  4. Decor and furniture must be in line with the sim aesthetic, this means no overtly medieval, fantasy, or other non-modern, non post-apoc, non-vintage styled furniture or decor. If your rental is found to not mesh well with the setting, the offending items will be returned with a message from an Admin.

  5. Players should keep decor to the interiors and doorways of their rentals and avoid crossing into other rentals with rezzed prims. Offending items will be returned with a message from an Admin.

  6. Players should observe the Land Impact limit of their rentals. Any player found over the limit will receive a warning from an Admin. If the offending prims are not removed to come in line with the rental’s LI limit, an Admin will remove offending items until the limit is reached.

  7. If a player’s rental becomes overdue, an Admin will contact you on the second day. If still overdue on the third day, all items will be returned and the rental made available to players for rent.

  8. A player may only have one Rental at a time. No double stacking rentals and using the extra prims.