The Wardens

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The Wardens

Protectors of the Ward

Major Faction

Before they were known as the Wardens, they were known as the Saints, a ragtag group of survivors that took up the name and football armor of the New Orleans Saints football team and began to help other survivors, travelers, and settlers all across New Orleans and the Ward. While poorly trained, their efforts garnered interest and over the years their numbers grew, becoming a threat to the established raider gangs and criminal groups that controlled much of the city.

While still small, their successes did not go unnoticed and one particular group of raiders known as the Hounsi attempted to push back against the Saints, but failed at every turn, losing territory street by street, week by week until all they had left was one small street tucked in the corner of the Ward where they held out against the repeated onslaught of the Saints numbers, gear, and tactics. Unable to dislodge them from their fortified location, the Saints, unwilling to leave the area with the Hounsi still present, made a deal with the local settlement of the Ward, gaining a base of operations, supplies, and food in exchange for protection against the Hounsi and other threats. The Saints then dropped their name, taking up the moniker the Wardens. While their name changed, they kept the gold and black colors and football-styled armor and gear.

Now an established faction, the Wardens have made an effort to protect travelers, settlers, and caravans within the ward from threats such as the Drowned, feral ghouls, super mutants, and the ever present threat of raiders and criminal gangs such as the Hounsi, the Gatormen, and the Rooks.

  • Leader:
  • Location: Warden’s Lodge, The Ward
  • Services: Protection, Bodyguards, Patrols, Food
  • Controlling Interest: Farms and Fields