Followers of the Apocalypse

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The Followers of the Apocalypse

Semi-Religious Humanitarians

Minor Faction

The Followers of the Apocalypse, despite using a symbol of a pre-war religion share only one thing in common with its meaning, charity. Their mission is to spread the benefit of knowledge and technology among the peoples of the wastes in stark contrast to the brotherhood and Enclave who believe they are too irresponsible to handle such advancements. The legion perpetuates a brutal stability many might admire, but to the followers it presents a stark and plain representation of a cyclical history, a reformation of an old world doomed to repeat the mistakes which brought about the devastation all are now forced to contend with.
In New Orleans the easternmost chapter is establishing a cadre of educated personnel to combine the benefits of their now well-established West-coast universities with the frontier knowledge of the east. The great wasteland, and void of development between the two coasts an obligation they hope to inspire local intellectuals to aid in repairing so that the entire former united states might reap the benefits of improved medical care, agricultural techniques (tailored to their unique biomes) and a shared education that inspires free thinking.
In short. Their mission Eastward is also a mission north-ward to reclaim the lost knowledge of the old universities. The institutes formerly known as Princeton, Harvard, Yale and more infamously MIT. In these hallowed halls of learning were born the boffins capable of creating the GECK. In their libraries lies the information required to reform the desolate waste into fertile, habitable land.
Their mission is selfless, but the emancipation their education provides makes them an enemy to the many tyrants of the wastes.


While they have no true base, they have been given permission to run the Chem-I-Care and Cornucopia Fresh Goods stores within the Ward Settlement in exchange for their help with farming and settlement establishment.

  • Leader: Wrex Ocelot
  • Location: The Ward [Chem-I-Care, Cornucopia Fresh Goods]
  • Services: Knowledge Keepers, Medical Care, Agriculture Instruction
  • Controlling Interest: Water Purifiers