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The Ferrymen

Ghoulish Cajun Traders and Ferry Captains

Minor Faction

Old man river has provided since time immemorial. Now for you wasteland folk that might just be a month or two ago, but to us; well lets just say reading a book or two might benefit you some. We remember the blues, tricks of the trade that you might think magic; but to us, well it’s the mundane. We knew gators back when they were jus’ lil uns about 300 lbs were as bug as those old dinosaurs got. Now? Weew-ee. Thems gators git big. Dun mean we don’t know the bayou none. We know it good.
No one know it good as we do. No one had 200 years to ‘splore it.
We have. We know every twist and turn, every root and pile’a mud that’d run you poor smoothskins aground, and put ya in a whole heap’a trouble but cos of this our service don’t come cheap. We can ship you, your brahmin, your dog; but it all comes atta price. And ol’ miss she don’t forgive no tomfoolery and we don’t neither
So clean ship, clean pass, clean transaction. You got goods we ship em. Just fuck us round none.

The oldest and most established faction of the Gulf Commonwealth, the Ferrymen have a wide and well known presence all along Ol’ Miss. Made up primarily of cajun ghouls, they operate a large fleet of ferries, tugs, trawlers, steamboats, and paddle boats, providing ferrying services for settlers and supplies as well as offering trade and fishing services.

Due to the heavily irradiated waters of Ol’ Miss, one will rarely see a non-ghoul amongst their number, at least on the boats, with the majority of their non-ghoul members serving as traders, suppliers, and workers on the docks and land.

  • Leader: Jamie Loomslough
  • Location: Jacksonville Industrial Docks, The Ward Canal Docks
  • Services: Trade, Ferrying, Fishing
  • Controlling Interest: Ferry Docks