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The Viper’s Brood:
Consilium Member Gangs
Gangs Controlled By The Consilium

Your Consilium member can freely claim membership to one of these gangs. They aren’t full faction groups, but function as identities for your characters within the Consilium.
If you have any questions, or ideas for another gang, reach out to Cayce Urriah.

The Rooks
Leader: Cayce Urriah
Industries: Loan shop, security services, and various other minor operations.
The Rooks returned to life with the death of ‘Edward Sharp’, when he attempted to kill The Baron to claim the title. The Baron took Cayce as a trophy of victory, and made her a part of his household, ensuring that she continued her schooling and training beneath her mentor and bodyguard. A year after her father’s death, Cayce declared herself a graduate, and challenged The Baron to blades. The duo did battle within the Consilium chambers, but she struck the final blow, and killed him, becoming the new Baron. After she killed several other challengers from the other Consilium organizations, her title was settled, and she set about reviving the Rooks. Ten small street gangs from around The Ward were brought to heel and their leaders killed, as she took those who could bend to her will, and broke those who wouldn’t. These ten gangs were re-educated in the ways of wealth, fashion and nobility, similarly to how Mr. House had civilized the Strip families in New Vegas, but brought into one family– The Rooks. Intelligent Rooks were put in place at the head of a number of local financial institutions, including loan houses, gambling halls, and accounting firms, while stronger Rooks were put in charge of handling business in the streets. Over the next three years, the Rooks became a major institution within the Ward, a known part of the world after the bomb in New Orleans.

The Abruzzi Family

Leader: Georgio Abruzzi, Ghoul Mob Boss
Industries: Back Alley Medical Clinics, Leg Breaking, Bet-Taking.
The Abruzzi family hails back to the old New Orleans, with a strong tradition of family since the original Abruzzis came to the New World. The Abruzzi family has always had a strong Italian tradition of surviving despite greater odds, joining up with La Cosa Nostra, all the way back in the 1900’s, with a line of Abruzzi made men all the way to Georgio, a pre-war Ghoul who still oversees his family as a nigh-immortal little old man, who will have you killed if you look at him wrong. After the bombs fell, the Abruzzis kept the Italian heighborhoods of The Ward protected from external crime, but as the post-war society continued on, they found that their racial identity was no longer important; when you have not-so-jolly green giants hammering down your buildings to eat you, ethnic identity can go to the wayside, so nearly anyone is welcome in the family now, and Abruzzi’s surviving great-great-grandchildren continue on with the traditions of La Cosa Nostra, with a post-nuclear bent, beneath his all seeing eyes.

The Quarters
Leader: Happy Haleck, Restaurateur
Industries: Beer, Liquor, Restaurants, Human Trafficking
New Orleans’ french quarter was a major nightlife location for over a century before the war, with night clubs, music, food, and of course, bars. The Quarter was as famous for its jazz as it was for its liquor, and in a way, the two come together naturally. After the bombs, the French Quarter traded hands a dozen times, as the various gangs, warlords, settlers, and merchants struggled for it, before it fell firmly under the sway of a conglomerate group of criminals, merchants, and settlers who had been members of the various groups who held it throughout the years. The Quarters gathered the talented people of the French Quarter together, making books of their various recipes and skills, so that the old-world ways of the Quarter would never die. The Quarters are a rather subdued gang, who mostly prefer to work as merchants and civilians, but will protect their territory fiercely. That said, sometimes the beautiful people gathered in their establishments do disappear.

The Dead Men
Leader: Ragged Man, Outlaw
Industries: Crypt Robbing, Murder-Theft, Home Invasion
The Dead Men are one of the least sociably acceptable gangs in the Consilium, mostly made up of mad men, half-feral ghouls, and the hopeless. The Dead Men recruit from the worst of society, including runaways, addicts, and the terminally ill, which they embrace with love, but drag down even further. The Dead Men believe that the world is over, that those alive are just running down the clock, and that they’ve been left behind by the already raptured. As such, they wear the identity of the Devil’s children happily, and enact gory deeds to make themselves be seen as such. Despite their membership in the Consilium (due to being greatly outnumbered), they care little for outside rule, and will sometimes prey upon the lone member of other gangs, which has made them absolutely no friends. The Dead Men, somehow, despite their wretched ways, have only been expanding in recent years, unleashing a small army of ghoulish madmen from the depths of the old St. Louis Cemetary to raid, murder, and abduct.