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The Consilium

Organized Criminal Enterprise
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Major Faction

The Consilium is the central command structure for most of the organized crime in New Orleans, being made up of a wide variety of organizations that are vocally, but not functionally neutral, beneath the oversight of The Baron, who rules the criminal aspects of New Orleans.

The Consilium is not one concise unit, it is a wide variety of criminal enterprises that claim domain over the various neighborhoods of The Ward. The organizations that make up the Consilum are criminal at heart, and their main priorities are making money and becoming powerful, which frequently conflicts with the nature of the Consilium, so at any time all of the members of the over-organization are plotting against one another from the shadows or in the board room, but outright war is prohibited with the penalty of extermination, but covert assassinations and espianage are just a daily affair. The Baron keeps the bosses in line, but lets them run their organizations as they’d like, unless they threaten profits.

The Consilium organizations are made up of vastly different groups, and their numbers are vastly different, ranging from massive enterprizes like the mafia, all the way down to ten-man street gangs who sell jet on the corner. Those who attempt to ply the trade of crime in the Ward without either kicking up to a Consilium boss, being in The Baron’s employ, or joining a crew, are frequently very short lived. The Consilium exists to make money, but by doing so, it requires a status quo– people under constant attack don’t buy jet or attend brothels– so the Consilium is also a measure of protection for those living in its neighborhoods.


The Consilium is now an old institution, having been forged briefly after the bombs fell. During the tail end of the resource wars that danced around the larger ongoing wars, most of the luxuries of the world were struggling to keep to the demands with both heavy war rationing and the rich stockpiling, so crime was at an all time high. Gangs, mobs, smuggling bands and criminal conspiracies of all sorts were pilfering from the haves, to supply the have nots a taste of wealth, and said mobs and gangs were making insane amounts of money doing so. However, when the bombs fell, and civilization caved in, bonds of brotherhood through crime held, and most of the gangs and mobs and soforth held together, and many of them began to use their goods, for good. Neighborhoods in the Ward and surrounding areas held together by the will of the people who held them up by their bootstraps, while others collapsed around them. For the first few years, when the government collapsed, the gangs were the law, locking down neighborhoods and becoming micro governments to help protect their constituency from their neighbors who fared worse and became beggars, outlaws, and raiders.

After a couple of years with these fractured territories within the Ward holding together, a well armed militia of mostly black Vodouisant criminals called The Barons reached out to their neighboring factions, proposing trade and truces, and forging defensible roads through the untamed and raider filled neighborhoods. The Barons became renown for their openhandedness, and their managnanimousity, and by the time that ten years had come after the end of society, a new society of gangs had come, ruled over by The Barons who had become the de-facto government of large swaths of New Orleans. Other gangs joined up with the unofficial council, and this brought greedy eyes staring up at the Barons. Nobody knows who began the Council War, but many have suspected that it was an envious Mafia boss, but in a sudden flare of combat, The Barons’ territory was attacked in a night of rage and fire, as mercenaries and men in masks with no gang colors firebombed nearly all of the Barons’ warehouses, flophouses, and public territories, killing nearly all of their members. Only one Baron stood alive when the dawn came, a scarred and burnt warrior who by the light of day strung up two dozen bodies on the border of Barons’ territory, and then called upon a meeting of the gangs.

The Baron demanded sole rule over the council, and few know what all he said to draw their fealty, but most of the gangs took the knee, and those who refused were destroyed, and their territories were passed to those who did. Finally, the Consilium was born, in name. The Barons, as a gang, were never rebuilt, but The Baron’s title would remain for over two hundred years, as the first Baron died decades later, and passed his tophat and title onto a successor, from the leaders of the gangs who showed wisdom and strength. Since then, a new Baron has risen every generation or two, from the best of the best, to guide the Consilium and rule. Today, The Baron rules the vast majority of all crime in New Orleans, and smashes those who refuse to kneel with the might of the Consilium.

Ranks: The Ranks here are for Consilium loyal members, not members of the gangs beneath the Consilium.
The Baron:
The Baron is the leader of the Consilium, the one responsible for managing the entire Consilium.
Agent: The Agents serve as departmental managers within the Consilium, overseeing designated operations for The Baron.
Enforcer: The Enforcers are soldiers, guards, leg breakers and general– enforcers who work for the Consilium.
Merchant: Merchants are anything from Consilium-backed legitimate salesmen, to shady chem-slinging alley-lurking criminals.
Operative: Operatives are spies, assassins, and stealth operators, acting in the interest of the Consilium in the shadows.

Prestige Ranks: These ranks may be gained by CoS members who show loyalty and do well for the Consilium.
Chairman: The Chairmen are the informal board of directors, Agents and Operatives who are in The Baron’s confidence may be raised to this role.
Triggerman: The Triggermen are the best gunslingers and the coolest cats in the Consilium. Enforcers and Operatives may be promoted to this.
Master of Coin: The Master of Coin is a singular position within the Consilium, they’re the treasurer and vault manager. Most past Coin Masters have been Merchants.

Faction Perk:
Dapper Dan – [Consilium] – The Consilium member gains +2 to Speech and Barter checks while wearing either a black jacket, business suit, or an insignia of the organization.

  • Leader: [Cayce Urriah]
  • Location: The Ward [Goldstein’s Loans on Main], Jacksonville [Buffalo Bar]
  • Services: Loans, Protection, Gambling, Racketeering, Mob Business, Merchantry, Banking
  • Assets: Pre-War Bank Vault, Cap Plant, Sentry Bot, Chem Lab, 5 Watcher Crows