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Club 23


Neutral Territory and Adult Entertainment

Minor Faction

Club 23 opened it’s doors a few years after The Ward was established. Creating a neutral ground that allowed any and all, regardless of their affiliation, to enjoy it’s services and provided entertainment, including slots, music, booze, and dancing girls and whores. Set up in the old Club 23 of Pre-War fame, it was once the go to musical venue, frequented by any and every musical star of that time. The original proprietor, and old ghoul woman, set ground rules. No weapons, no recruiting, no fighting. Any one of these rules get broken, your ass gets tossed out onto the street. Repeated offenses result in life long bans or, well, death if you’re just too bothersome to deal with.

It remained relatively intact due to it’s construction and the fleet of Mr. Handy’s that continued to maintain it after the bombs fell, and is thus, still staffed by a number of upgraded and tricked out Mr. Handy’s, an Assaultron gun check, and a rather larger super mutant named Doug.

  • Leader:
  • Location: Club 23, the Ward
  • Services: Dancing, Music, Slots, Bar, Entertainment