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Church of the Children of Atom

Radiation Worshiping Cultists

Major Faction

The Children of Atom are a zealous religious order, dating back to their founding in the city of Megaton in the DC Wasteland. The Children beleive that the Great War was a holy event, brought about by their god, Atom. Atom is the great divider, who brings about both unification and division through ‘The Glow’ (radiation), and that death through radiation is a holy act– as infinite worlds come about by the cellular division of each man or woman. The Children have a variety of sub-factions, ranging from the somewhat polite and generally considered ‘quirky’ local religious folk, to deathly serious zealots who divide all who enter their sight.

New Orleans’ order of the Children of Atom is a harshly zealous order, focused on conversion of the unbelievers and giving the blessing of division to those who cross it– whether they believe it, want it, or not. The Confessor and his Inquisitors are battle hardened and here in the Ward to claim an errant nuclear reactor that leaks forth Atom’s glow, and to turn that glow against the unclean.

It is generally assumed that the order was founded by Confessor Cromwell’s predecessor in Megaton sometime before 2277, in the shadow of the large unexploded nuclear warhead that sat in the center of the town. Pilgrims and followers flocked to the bomb, to worship and listen to the Confessor preach. The Confessor’s preaching would regularly draw in the settlers and visitors to the town to watch and listen in the central marketplace, and he would later come to be known by his descendant confessors as Atom’s Great Prophet.

Despite Cromwell’s assertation that the Children must remain pacifistic, the organization eventually mutated as it spread, with various sects emerging from it, with alternative beliefs. Mother Curie III left Cromwell’s organization sometime after the purification of DC’s waters, founding the Apostles of the Holy Light, who believed that ghoulification was the next stage in Human development, and would use radiation traps to convert themselves and others, however, they were all killed by the Lone Wanderer before they could spread their beliefs too far. Over the next ten years, the Children would spread out to the East Coast, eventually reaching the Commonwealth, where various sects set up temples in the Glowing Sea, The Kingsport Lighthouse, Sentinel Site, and The Nucleus. Many of these sects had differing ideals, and while some would immediately assault those who came across them– forcing membership or division, others invited travelers in, or merely acted wary of them.
In the years since the Children’s great expansion, they’ve come to expand even further, reaching out to sites powerful in The Glow, and recently, to Louisiana, seeking to glorify Atom’s might.
The Confessor oversees each order of the Children, presiding over a range of holy sites in proximity to the Confessor’s temple, and guiding the entirety of their order/sect/cult.
Grand Zealot:
The Grand Zealot is the leader of the sect’s protectors, warriors, and enforcers. He or she is a devout follower with a strong military discipline, and acts as the order’s inquisitor.
The Zealots are the sect’s protectors, warriors, and enforcers. They both watch over the order’s followers to protect them, and to protect the order from any potential heretics.
The Mothers and Fathers of the order are priests/priestesses who minister to the Children, aide those who require it, and divide those who defile Atom’s holy sites.
The Brothers and Sisters of the Children of Atom are the majority of the members of the cult. Each is given their robes of order and a radiation weapon, to use against heretics.

New members of the Children who haven’t yet proven their reliability. These members can be raised to Brother/Sister once they properly meet the embrace of The Glow and follow a vision quest.

  • Leader: Cheeso Szydlowska
  • Location: Jacksonville Nuclear Power Plant
  • Services: Salvation through Radiation, Power, Energy Weapon Recharge
  • Controlling Interest: Nuclear Reactor