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The Brotherhood of Steel

Neo-Knightly Techno-Order

Major Faction

The Brotherhood of Steel is a quasi-religious technological organization that operates all across America, formed from the remnants of the US Army and government sponsored scientists, with specific chapters situated in nearly every major commonwealth. The primary doctrine of the Brotherhood of Steel is the acquisition and protection of Pre-War technologies, keeping them out of the hands of those who would repeat the failures and mistakes of the old world as well as the eradication of anything deemed an ‘abomination’, such as ghouls, super mutants, and synths. While they’re generally mistrustful of outsiders, they have been known to take wastelanders into their ranks and have recently opened trade with them, offering rather minor tech they’re willing to part with.

The Brotherhood of Steel in the Gulf Commonwealth are relative newcomers and are considered outsiders, being an expeditionary force sent from the Texas Chapter. The Texas Chapter, was once considered an outcast Chapter that broke off from the West Coast to fight Attis’ Super Mutant Army, led by High Elder Rhombus. Due to the foolish choices made by High Elder Rhombus, the Texas Chapter was all but wiped out with High Elder Rhombus captured and a single Initiate remaining. This Initiate attempted to free Rhombus who, upon being found, left the Initiate to fight the good fight, and vanished, never to be seen again.

The remaining Initiate, Amilia Rhyse, scarred by the horrors of Rhombus Crusade, set out to rebuild the Texas Chapter in a new image, one that avoided the foolishness of Rhombus choices. Elder Maxson of the East Coast Brotherhood, upon hearing of Amilia’s efforts, left the Boston Commonwealth after having successfully destroying the Institute to oversee the Texas Chapter’s rebirth.

Upon arrival, Elder Maxson was impressed by Amilia’s efforts and views, and sought to help rebuild the Texas Chapter, applying his own East Coast influences upon the Chapter. Along the way, Elder Maxson, along with the Elder Council, agreed to make Amilia into an Elder and leader of the Texas Chapter, as well as posthumously stripping Rhombus of rank and title.

The Texas Chapter, now stable and re-organized, has begun efforts to continue the mission of the Brotherhood of Steel proper, sending recon teams all along the Gulf Coast in search of Pre-War technology that had been lost as well as seek to set a foothold along the coast and establish a new chapter to expand their influence across the wastelands.

Recon Squad Deimos, Officially Recon Squad 343-Delta, is one such recon team, sent by Elder Rhyse to investigate rumors of a Pre-War Vault built in tandem by the US. Army and Vault-Tec beneath Fort Jackson south of New Orleans. Though a very small contingent, they have managed to acquire a foothold in the Ward, making an uneasy alliance with the local faction that protects the area known as the Wardens as they attempt to investigate Fort Jackson.

  • Leader[s]: Ranger <NameHere>, Sentinel Quincy Adams, Proctor Sarah Galahad
  • Location: Fort Jackson, The Ward Outpost
  • Services: Patrols, Tech Trading/Acquisition, Pre-War Weapon Trading
  • Controlling Interest: Unknown