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The Atom Cats

Cool Gearheads

Minor Faction

The Atom Cats were, only a few years ago, only known within the Boston Commonwealth, but thanks to the rumors and stories of the Sole Survivor, information of this small gang of Power Armor wearing greaser-like hot rodders spread across the Eastern US. Due to this, multiple chapters rapidly formed, each with their own unique styles, but all holding onto the core ideas of coolness, usage of power armor, and being gearheads.

In the Gulf Commonwealth, the chapter of Atom Cats that have arrived are relatively new, only having been around the New Orleans area for a year or two. Having set up shop in the old Red Rocket just outside the Ward, this small gang offers repair and salvage services and provides music and news via their own Atom Cats Radio station.


  • Leader: [Phorcys Tierbal]
  • Location: Red Rocket Gas Station
  • Services: Repair, Salvage, Radio
  • Controlling Interest: Radio Broadcasts