Humanity, despite all it’s efforts at destruction, still manage to survive even after the Great War. Hardy and rugged, humanity has been able to reclaim and rebuild, adapting to the now destroyed and irradiated wastelands that was once a burgeoning civilization and technological marvel.

  • Racial Perk: Adaptable – Quicker Learning, Faster Metabolism.
  • Stat Bonus:



Whether by evolution, mutation, or genetic lottery, ghouls are humans that have, in some way, survived, though  changed drastically by radiation. Looking much like zombies with no noses, pale rotted flesh, pale blue yellowed eyes, and loss of hair, ghouls are seen by many as monsters and freaks and often suffer from hatred and fear by humans. While ghouls may look monstrous, their change has also afforded them a few benefits, such as a greatly expanded life, able to life for a century or more, an increased resistance to radiation and chems, and a hardier immune system.

  • Racial Perk: Ghoulified – Radiation Immunity, Chem Resistance, Disease Resistance, Weakened Strength, Lowered Charisma, Infertile
  • Stat Bonus:


Vault Dweller

The Vault Dweller is much like humans of the wasteland, with the exception of being born and raised inside one of the many Vaults created by Vault-Tec scattered across the United Commonwealth. Due to this difference, Vault Dwellers often suffer or experience unique abnormalities that differentiate them from the survivors and wastelanders outside. [Vault Dwellers can be from any NON-CANON Vault so long as the Vault idea is not outside the scope of the lore, and is up to the discretion of the staff.]

Approved Vaults:

  • Vault 127 – A base Vault with no experiments, it was scheduled to open in 2300.
  • Vault 207 – Forced evolution through inbreeding and genetic modification. Resulting in white haired, pale skinned, short of stature Vault Dwellers with weak frames and strong immune systems.


  • Racial Perk: Vaulted –
  • Stat Bonus:


A creation of the now destroyed Institute, the Synth is a bio-organic machine that was created to infiltrate and replace humans. Grown in labs using organic muscle, tissue, and bone, they were implanted with a neural chip that allowed them to be programmed and controlled via voice commands. All Synths were ‘born’ with the ability, skills, knowledge, and memories of a fully grown adult, each one an exact, indistinguishable copy of a living human.

Since the Institute has long since been destroyed, and thanks to the efforts of the Railroad and the Sole survivor fifteen years ago, those Synths that survived the Institutes destruction have found themselves spreading across the Commonwealth, trying their best to integrate into society and appear as human as possible.

  • Racial Perk: Artificial –
  • Stat Bonus: